Games we play

We play a variety of games, covering epic Biblical battles to cyberpunk special forces actions and everything in between. Below is a list of the most popular systems at the club and who to get in touch with if you’re interested in playing.


DBMM (De Bellis Magistrorum Militum) is a historical wargame involving ancient and medieval armies from 3000BC to 1515AD. It translates as “For the wars of the masters of soldiers”. Wargames Research Group have printed a set of rules by Phil Barker and together with the companion army lists form the basis for the games we … Continue reading DBMM


DBR, or “De Bellis Renationis”, is the renaissance ruleset from Wargames Research Group that covers warfare during the early gunpowder era, AD 1494 – 1700. This covers such periods as the Great Italian Wars, the Thirty Years’ War, and the English Civil War. Size: 150-250 figures Scale: 25mm Play time: 3-4 hours HOW CAN I GET STARTED? Fill out this contact form and one of … Continue reading DBR

Warmachine and Hordes

Warmachine, and its fantasy counterpart Hordes, depict battles between different factions in the steampunk world of the Iron Kingdoms. Players control steam-powered warjacks or ferocious warbeasts in an effort to outplay their opponent. Size: 30-50 figures Scale: 28mm Play time: 90-120 minutes Where can I Find out more? The official website for Privateer Press, the developers of Warmachine and Hordes, is … Continue reading Warmachine and Hordes

Flames of War

Flames of War is a rule system from New Zealand that covers the battles of World War 2. Due to the rapid technological advancement the game is split into three distinct eras – 1939-41, 1942-43, and 1944-45, to better match opponents. Size: 50-150 figures for an infantry company, 10-30 tanks for an armoured company Scale: 15mm Play time: 120 minutes … Continue reading Flames of War


Impetus is a fast-playing game of historical warfare, covering the whole pre-gunpowder era of 3000BC to AD1500. Armies are typically comprised of smaller amount of miniatures that other historical games and play quicker. Size: 70-100 figures Scale: 25mm Play time: 1-2 hours WHERE CAN I FIND OUT MORE? The website is a good place to find more information out about Impetus. … Continue reading Impetus


Infinity is the game of small action warfare in mankind’s near-future. It is a very fast-paced system with a unique reaction mechanic ensuring both players are involved at all times. Size: 8-15 figures Scale: 28mm Play time: 1-2 hours WHERE CAN I FIND OUT MORE? The website has all the information you need to learn about the game and the … Continue reading Infinity


SAGA is a large skirmish game set in the dark ages, featuring clashes between wild Norsemen, Normans, Anglo-Danes and others. It utilises a unique battle-board mechanic which gives a lot of unique flavour to each faction while keeping the basic rules very straightforward. Website: Size: 30-60 figures Scale: 28mm Play time: 90-120 minutes Where can I Find out more? … Continue reading SAGA


X-Wing is a fast-playing game of dogfighting set in the Star Wars universe. You control a small wing of fighters from the Rebel Alliance or the Empire and duke it out among asteroids. The figures come pre-painted so you can jump in and play right away! Size: 3-6 ships Scale: 1:270 Play time: 30 minutes WHERE CAN I FIND OUT … Continue reading X-Wing


There are a lot of other games that we play from time to time, like Black Powder for the Napoleonic period or rulesets for cold war tank battles and modern era skirmishes. If you’re interested in a period or game that wasn’t featured in the list of our popular games, fill out this contact form … Continue reading Other