ValleyCON 2021

The Hutt Miniature Wargames Club will be holding its annual ValleyCon convention on the 15th and 16th of May 2021, at Expressions, the Upper Hutt Civic Hall.

Events currently on offer are:


QR codes will be onsite for scanning for contact tracing purposes and we’ll keep manual paperwork available just in case. We appreciate you all being good public citizens.

A change in COVID-19 Alert Levels is always a possibility. If we change Alert Levels we will consult with the Upper Hutt City Council, who’s venue we are using for ValleyCon 2021, but at this stage we expect that we will have to cancel the event. After all, if there is a limit on gatherings, it’s a limit, not a target! We will look for options to reschedule and, if this all happens, we will contact all entrants to either confirm registration for a rescheduled event or to provide refunds.


17/02 Added Players Packs for Infinity and 40K

09/02 Added Players Pack for Warmachine / Hordes

06/02 Added AoS, Warmachine/Hordes, Malifaux to registerable events. Players pack for AoS and Malifaux.

02/02 This page was just posted. Come on. 😉 The remaining players packs will be uploaded as soon as they’re received from the event organisers.


Registration will be $50. Malifaux and Warmachine / Hordes will be $25 each. Payment information will be sent to you by the registrar. Your place in your chosen event will not be confirmed until payment is received.