Recoil! 2022

Where and When

  • St. Brendans’ School, 56 Palmer Crescent, Silverstream (the usual club venue)
  • Saturday September 10 and 24 (normal club days)
  • Arrival time 8.30 am
  • Finish time approx. 4.45pm
  • Cost $10

Tournament Regulations


240ap armies – One army list or you may submit a different army for each game but they must be selected before the draw. You are required to notify me of the army, date and region/tribe/nation.
Army lists will be self-checked. Any mistakes in the list discovered during the tournament will result in a severe loss of street cred and a public naming and shaming. You are welcome to send them to me for checking if you wish.

Semi open lists
Spies and informers abound everywhere, keeping the composition of your army secret is well-nigh impossible. You will therefore provide me with the approximate makeup of your army in the following manner. This will be made publicly available for all contestants to see.

Generals count as their troop type. Ignore the grades and regular/irregular status, just add them all together.

Number of elementsDisclosure
5-9A few

For example an Alan army consisting of:
2 Irr Kn(F) Generals
1 Irr Lh(S) General
9 Irr Kn(F)
9 Irr Lh(S)
6 Irr Ps(O)
11 Irr Bd(I)
Plus 10ap of stratagems

Would be listed as
Several knights
Several Light Horse
A few Psiloi
Several Blade


6 games in the tournament, 3 each Saturday. Players only available to play on one Saturday are still welcome to enter (full cost). Team entries (one player one Saturday and another the other Saturday) are also welcome to enter and can use different armies on each day. I will play if there are odd numbers so there will be no byes. I will shorten my games for administration duties.

Time limit –2.5 hours.

The schedule is:
Game 1 Start 8.45am
Game 2 Start 11.15am
Game 3 Start 2.15pm (allowing 15 mins extra for lunch)

DBMM 200 rules on page 44 will be used. In summary these are:

  • Max and Min numbers of elements are halved (rounded up), pikes to the next nearest 4
  • Baggage 0-1 per general and only 2 baggage minimum required in army baggage
  • 3 generals maximum
  • Extra cost or reduced cost of generals are halved
  • Maximum size for an ambush is 4 elements
  • Minimum deployment distances are halved both from the centre and the flanks.
  • Flank attacks can (on a die roll of 6) arrive within 200 paces of the flank on the rear edge, troops still flee if within 400 paces of the place of arrival
  • The temporary penalty for a broken command is reduced to 1ME

Table sizes

4 feet by 6 feet.


The terrain will be pre-set on each table. Players will be allocated a table number to play on for each game. Players roll for aggression and the highest modified roll is the invader.
The defender can choose the table side they wish to play on. In addition, if the difference between the two modified aggression die rolls is 3 or more, the defender can move one piece of area terrain to no closer than 80 paces of other area terrain. If the difference between the modified die rolls is 5 or more, the defender can move two pieces of area terrain. Replace the terrain back to its original position at the end of the battle.


All battles will commence with a game time of 9.00am with a slightly overcast day, ie no weather and time of day rules. Naval units will be considered to be in good going.


Stratagems are in a separate file here. They have been modified and the cost reduced to fit with DBMM 200. Your army list may include a point reserve for Stratagems and you can decide during deployment, when you record your “cunning plan”, which stratagem(s) you wish to use within your reserve allowance.


All draws and draw system will be decided by myself once I know the number of registrations.

Terrain and battle mats

I will attempt to provide all terrain and battle mats. Any shortages I will specifically ask for. This means you can all travel light! The maps are available in a separate file here. The exact maps will be chosen dependent on the number of registrations and notified prior to the tournament.


$10 entry fee payable to the club via Masterton Marauders.


I will email back with payment instructions.
Closing date is August 21st but earlier would be appreciated
Progress reports on registrations etc. will be posted on Facebook and emailed.


This will depend on numbers but are hoped to be 1st , 2nd , and 3rd and Wooden Spoon

Plus everyone will be a winner with my homemade tufts and an EMTLU template supplied by David McLachlan of