Returning to the fold

I’ve been gaming on and off for two decades now, but I always see my “golden age” as when I was playing DBM back in the late ’90s. For various reasons I stopped gaming in the early 2000s and by the time I got back into it the DBM crowd had moved to 28mm DBMM. I didn’t have the time to paint a new army of that size so I stuck to skirmish games – Malifaux, Infinity, SAGA, and the like.

I had kept an interest in the ancients scene though, and always took a slow walk past the DBMM tables at every tournament. Recently I made the decision that my next project would be to take the plunge, hunker down for a few months and paint up an army to get back into the period. So then I had the hard choice – picking one of the over 300 armies available to start with!

I settled on Alexandrian Macedonian, specifically the army of Philip of Macedon at the Battle of Chaeronea. It’s an interesting army with a nice set of combined arms – the solid sarissa-armed phalanxes, the companions to add some mounted shock troops, and plenty of Greek cavalry and light troops to work the flanks. Plus, Wargames Foundry has a great range of figures:

WG092 from Wargames Foundry

Macedonian phalangites from Wargames Foundry

After a number of hours spent mulling over the army list (ah, how I’ve missed wrestling with DBx army list books) I’ve settled on the following to get started:

Command One
1 x Philip of Macedon: Reg Ax (S) C-in-C
4 x Hypaspists: Reg Ax (S)
12 x Phalangites: Reg Pk (O)
2 x Macedonian archers: Reg Ps (O)
2 x Agrianian javelinmen: Irr Ps(S)

Command Two
1 x Alexander the Great: Reg Kn (F) in single-based wedge, Brilliant subgeneral
4 x Companions: Reg Kn (F) in single-based wedge
2 x Prodromoi: Reg LH (S)
8 x Phalangites: Reg Pk (O)

Command Three
1 x Nameless subgeneral: Reg Cv (O)
4 x Thessalian cavalry: Reg Cv (O)
6 x Greek cavalry: Reg Cv (I)
6 x Greek peltasts: Reg Ps (S) (can support Cv (I))
3 x Thracian light horse: Irr LH (O)
4 x Thracian peltasts: Irr Ax (O)

All three commands have two elements of army baggage, bringing them up to 24 ME each and a total of 78 ME for the army.

The figure count though, that’s the real damage: 136 foot and 54 mounted! It’s been a long time since I’ve bulk painted but I’m pretty confident I can knock it out in a few months – I’m pretty good once I get a production line set up. I’ve got a couple dozen other miniatures to finish up – mostly Space Hulk Blood Angels plus some Malifaux and Infinity – then I’ll be placing an order with the fine gentlemen at Wargames Foundry and off I go.


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